Wynshop is Now Available on Google Cloud Marketplace

  • Wynshop Expands Partnership with Google Cloud to Offer Advanced E-Commerce Capabilities to Grocers and other Store-Based Retailers

MIAMI, FLORIDA – July 12, 2022 – Wynshop, a global leader in digital commerce for local store-based retailers, today announced its availability on Google Cloud Marketplace. Google Cloud customers can now subscribe to Wynshop’s e-commerce services through Google Cloud Marketplace, allowing customers to simplify procurement with consolidated billing through their Google Cloud accounts. This will expand Wynshop’s existing partnership with Google Cloud, making it easier for store-based retailers to accelerate innovation and drive growth through their digital storefronts while realizing the full value of their cloud investments.

As local store-based retailers like grocers are undergoing a digital transformation, it’s becoming increasingly important for them to invest in technology to own their online shopping channels, rather than rely on third-party online grocery providers like Instacart.  According to a study from Incisiv, “84% of grocery retailers believe they will lose touch with their customer base as third-party (online providers) become the front-end commerce brand and, in effect, disintermediate them from their shoppers.”  Incisiv’s study further states that “71% of grocery retailers have not invested adequately in their digital business.”

Wynshop is an e-commerce platform that provides technological advantages previously available only to the most sophisticated retailers with the resources to easily build and maintain their own custom solutions. From shopping to picking to delivery or pickup, Wynshop’s flexible, modular, and scalable e-commerce solution provides leading grocers, like Wakefern and United Supermarkets, personalized customer shopping experiences, and efficient fulfillment solutions that can improve profitability.

“We’re committed to offering the very best innovations and cloud technology to help grocers and other store-based retailers, and that’s why we’ve partnered with Google Cloud,” said Neil Moses, CEO of Wynshop. “By listing Wynshop on Google Cloud Marketplace, it becomes even easier for retailers to purchase and deploy Wynshop on Google Cloud along with their other cloud workloads. We will continue to work with Google Cloud to integrate exciting new innovations that help our retail partners succeed.”

“Technologies that help retailers and grocers differentiate their offerings have become increasingly important to success in the industry today,” said Dai Vu, Managing Director, Marketplace & ISV GTM Programs. “We’re thrilled to have Wynshop available on Google Cloud Marketplace, giving customers the ability to quickly get started with the solutions they need to succeed in the cloud.”

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About Wynshop
Wynshop is an ambitious team of digital evangelists and innovators obsessed with a solitary mission—to help grocers and other local store-based retailers grow wildly successful online businesses. Our refreshingly easy-to-use digital commerce platform enables efficient in-house picking, reduces fulfillment costs, and gives retailers the ability to fully personalize the customer journey, amplifying shopper loyalty. Wynshop is headquartered in Miami, FL with offices in Dublin, Ireland, and currently partners with grocery retailers in North America, Europe, and APAC. Learn more at