Relentlessly committed to retail


Who We Are

What Inspires Us

Wynshop is the pioneer cloud-based e-commerce solution specifically designed for grocers.
The company was created by ambitious developers and grocery retail experts who identified a gap in the technology available for grocers to launch, scale, and win online.

We are passionate about creating the best tools to empower grocery and other consumer staples retailers to grow wildly successful businesses. Our team of visionaries and problem solvers work relentlessly to make sure our customers are equipped with the most technologically advanced features and capabilities to unlock their full e-commerce potential.

At Wynshop, we are aware of the ever-changing conditions of such a critical industry, so we consider customers our partners in identifying new ways to make online shopping a seamless and convenient experience for retailers and shoppers as well.


Our History

Wynshop Is On A Journey

In 2020, Mi9 Retail launched an entirely new e-commerce platform with specific capabilities built in to support the unique needs of grocery and other local store-based retailers. The platform we now know as Wynshop.

Our first customers deployed their e-commerce stores on Wynshop in 2021, and joined the Wynshop revolution. Since then, Wynshop has contracted with leading national and regional grocers representing thousands of stores across multiple banners. Wynshop’s team has grown proportionally and we have become the leading solution for modern grocery e-commerce.

Wynshop is committed to driving innovation into the omni-channel shopping experience and fulfillment operations so that our customers can grow wildly successful online businesses. We live this commitment every day by honing a culture of continuous innovation, collaboration and strong partnerships with our customers.


Our Values

Take Complete Control

Take Ownership

We own the company’s results.

Build Trust

We build strong relationships internally and externally through transparency, empathy and unwavering integrity.

Be Bold

We are not afraid to take risks and challenge the status quo to solve unsolved problems.


Meet Our Leaders

Expertise, Business Sense, and Foresight

The Wynshop management team is committed to providing exceptional quality and service to our clients. The company is supported by a team that possesses the combination of expertise, business sense and foresight necessary in guiding the future of Wynshop.

Neil Moses

Chief Executive Officer

Jason Williams

President and
Chief Financial Officer

Charles Kaplan

Chief Marketing and Product Officer

Barry Clogan

Chief Evangelist

Frank Marvin

Chief Revenue Officer

Vlad Balan

Vice President of
Engineering and Architecture

Matt Pierce

Chief Information
Security Officer

Jeff Bukala

Vice President of Professional Services

Michael Haggerty

Vice President of
Research & Development Operations

Lourdes Moran

Vice President of Finance

Clint Rodricks

Vice President of
Quality and Support

Erna Chahine

Director of
Account Management

Vanessa Pereira

Director of Marketing

Manuel Fortoul

Director of Human
Capital Management

Matthew Biancaniello

Director of
Product Management

Louise Bready

Product Manager