Optimize Order Execution

Third-party fulfillment vendors and single order picking can quickly erode profit margins for grocers who offer online ordering. Wynshop Fulfillment enables you to profitably manage online order fulfillment in-house by optimizing pick-paths, enabling multipick processing, and automating order orchestration for efficient curbside pickup. Our in-store technology also integrates with third-party delivery partners to streamline the critical last mile.

Key Features

Picking Optimization

The system allows you to upload your planograms and segment your stores in order to apply the most effective picking strategies to each section. Feed additional information into the system via standard APIs to further increase throughput and drive picking efficiency.

Multi-Order Picking

Fill multiple orders at once and pick up to 3x more items per hour than with traditional picking solutions. Scale your fulfillment capacity and offer convenient fulfillment windows for your customers without increasing costly headcount.

Mobile Personal Shopper App

Guide your staff every step of the way through your fulfillment process with a full-featured mobile app to monitor incoming orders, pick items, and communicate order progress with customers.

Order Optimization

Built-in intelligence allows the system to continuously learn and adapt throughout the day. For example, when out-of-stocks and substitutions occur they are fed back into the system which automatically updates future orders. Picking waves can then be prioritized to maximize customer service while maintaining labor efficiency.


Reduce labor costs with real-time visibility into picking efficiency, personal shopper productivity, order progress, and more with out-of-the-box dashboards and reports. Easily monitor product availability, out-of-stocks, and substitutions.

Intuitive User Experience

Drive user adoption and boost productivity with an intuitive user interface that addresses the complex needs of your head office staff, store managers, and personal shoppers.


Future-Proof Your Business

Wynshop Fulfillment is a cloud-native order orchestration, picking, and fulfillment app designed to improve the profitability of your digital channel. It can be deployed as a standalone solution or as a fully-integrated capability of Wynshop Commerce. The Wynshop architecture allows for easy integration with your existing systems or third-party applications.


Proven Technology, Proven Results

more items picked/hour than with traditional picking solutions
reduction in fulfillment costs
higher profit per order than with competitive fulfillment solutions


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