Wakefern’s Fifth Banner Goes Live with Wynshop for Digital Grocery Shopping

  • The Fresh Grocer is Wakefern’s latest banner to use Wynshop to power its digital storefront, joining Dearborn Market, Price Rite Marketplace, Gourmet Garage, and Fairway Market.
  • Using Wynshop’s multi-site e-commerce solution, Wakefern can easily manage its portfolio of banners and storefronts from one single, administration console while delivering a better online grocery shopping experience to customers.

MIAMI, FLORIDA – June 30, 2021 – Wynshop, a grocery-first ecommerce platform, announced today The Fresh Grocer is Wakefern’s fifth banner to use Wynshop to power its digital storefront to deliver a seamless ecommerce shopping experience to customers. The Wynshop multi-site solution enables Wakefern to easily manage its portfolio of grocery store banners from a single administration console.  The technology works with Wakefern’s enterprise e-commerce architecture and streamlines centralized management of multiple e-commerce banner websites while delivering unique shopping experiences at the brand and store level.

“Our ultimate goal is to create a simple, smooth, and intuitive online shopping experience for our customers and that’s what we achieved by using Wynshop to power The Fresh Grocer’s digital storefront,” said Elizabeth Goodbread, Director of Digital Commerce at Wakefern Food Corp. “The site is modern, easy-to-use, and clean. We made many improvements to our customer experience, including enhanced search functionality, improved navigation features to make it easier to locate specific items, a simplified checkout and time slot reservation process, as well as enhanced product landing pages that help customers make informed purchasing decisions.”

Wakefern and Wynshop have a longstanding partnership. In 2020, Wakefern banners Dearborn Market, Price Rite Marketplace, Gourmet Garage, and Fairway Market went live with new websites and mobile applications using Wynshop Commerce and Wynshop Mobile. This allowed Wakefern to take advantage of features like enhanced search, product browsing, and digital coupons that make online grocery shopping easier, more convenient, and more personalized for customers.

One of the biggest e-commerce challenges that multi-banner grocers face is providing unique front-end experiences at the brand or store level without sacrificing centralized administrative control at the enterprise level.

Wakefern was looking for a centralized, scalable solution with a very flexible content management system that would allow non-technical users to easily and efficiently manage the look and feel of their digital storefronts from one administration console.

“In a typical multi-tenant SaaS model, each grocery store location or banner has its own separate website, back-end administration dashboard, and login,” said Neil Moses, Wynshop CEO. “This is very cumbersome to manage, lacks consistency, stymies economy of scale, and makes it difficult to sync real-time data across digital storefronts. By contrast, Wynshop’s multi-site model enables Wakefern to develop, test, and launch new business models quickly and easily not only on The Fresh Grocer’s site, but across all of Wakefern’s banners. This will, in turn, increase customer loyalty and expand market share.”

The Fresh Grocer is currently live on Wynshop Commerce in all 11 stores across New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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About The Fresh Grocer
The Fresh Grocer, now part of the Wakefern Family, is an accomplished supermarket chain specializing in providing high-quality perishables in urban and suburban environments with eleven stores operating in the (PA & NJ) Tri-State area. A registered trademark of Wakefern Food Corp., The Fresh Grocer became the 50th cooperative member in 2013. Founded in Philadelphia in 1996,The Fresh Grocer is committed to understanding the needs, tastes, and traditions of the communities in which their stores are located, and makes it a priority to offer an assortment of products and services to meet those various needs. The Fresh Grocer is also committed to improving food access and to promoting the health and wellness of its customers, associates, and communities.  The Fresh Grocer is always happy to support community efforts, so we encourage you to contact your local Fresh Grocer store to request support.

About Wynshop
Wynshop is an ambitious team of digital evangelists and innovators obsessed with a solitary mission—to help grocers and other local store-based retailers grow wildly successful online businesses. Our refreshingly easy-to-use digital commerce platform enables efficient in-house picking, reduces fulfillment costs, and gives retailers the ability to fully personalize the customer journey, amplifying shopper loyalty. Learn more at

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