USDA FNS Certifies Wynshop for SNAP/EBT Payments Online

  • Digital commerce platform expedites processing, making it easier for grocers to offer EBT benefits

Miami, FL – July 17, 2023 Wynshop, the leading provider of digital commerce and fulfillment solutions for local store-based retailers, announced today that it is now a USDA Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) approved SNAP/EBT payments processing partner, through Aurus. Wynshop can now facilitate expedited processing of FNS procedures for any retailers who wish to offer EBT benefits through Wynshop.

The USDA’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) provides more than 42 million economically disadvantaged Americans with food subsidies that they can redeem at grocery stores. FNS’s electronic benefits transfer system (EBT) makes these benefits available on magnetically encoded cards, so that program participants can access their benefits more easily.

Over the past few years, coincident with the rise of online grocery popularity, the FNS has been working to expand access to EBT payments via online grocers. However, the process for grocers to become certified receivers of EBT payments online is complex and time-consuming, which limits the ability of smaller grocers to fully connect with this customer segment.

“Until now, when grocers wanted to accept online EBT benefits, they had to go through a grueling approval process with FNS that could take months,” said Barry Clogan, Wynshop’s Chief Product Evangelist. “We’ve set things up so that they no longer need to do any of the heavy lifting. When a grocer on the Wynshop platform decides that they want to accept EBT payments, we provide them with easy-to-use templates that reduce both friction and time to approval.”

The FNS must review and approve any solution that enables online payments using SNAP/EBT. In order to make the  application process easier for retailers, Wynshop worked collaboratively with FNS for six months to create a procedure and documentation templates that grocers can tailor for their EBT applications. FNS’ subsequent approval of Wynshop’s EBT/SNAP solution and methodology for retailers drastically reduces the time, cost, and complexity of this process for grocers, making it easier than ever before for them to accept EBT payments via their online stores.

By streamlining the process, Wynshop hopes to give SNAP beneficiaries access to a greater range of choice, and give local, store-based grocers a greater share of government subsidy dollars. This will help them grow their online businesses and protect their loyal relationships with customers.

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