The Picking Series

The Picking Series

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Grocers are unsatisfied with the picking efficiency at a time when profitability on e-commerce orders is struggling. Wynshop is launching a picking series to highlight best practices and serve as a resource on the road to profitable e-commerce fulfillment.

According to Grocery Doppio, 86% of grocery retailers are dissatisfied with the profitability of their online operations. One significant way to improve profit margin is by adjusting one’s picking strategy to optimize the overall fulfillment operation. Wynshop is launching a picking series to serve as a guide for grocery retailers, whether they’re evaluating their picking operations or are seasoned in their online fulfillment journey.

We’ll be releasing a series of posts with topics broken into easily digestible pieces to ensure maximum value for our readers. Planned topics include Store ProductivityProduct Availability, and Store Picking Within the Fulfillment Mix and Future Trends. To finish off the series, we’ll be hosting a webinar with industry experts where we’ll respond to outstanding questions from grocery retailers.

There are many reasons why grocers may be dissatisfied with the current economic climate and its impact on their business. Broadly speaking, market data in 2022 has uncovered the following:

Wynshop’s fulfillment solution and operational consulting have helped grocers achieve pick rates of 150+, raising the productivity of in-store picking without any of the capital expenses associated with dark stores and MFCs, thereby increasing the hurdle rate of such ventures. We’ve also helped cut fulfillment costs by 67%, driving profitability and long term sustainability for our customers. Grocery retailers are facing increased operational costs, supply chain instability, and an uncertain labor market and the margin of success has never been thinner. See below the additional contributions to the series.


State of Digital Grocery: Growth at the Cost of Profitability Report

The Picking Series #1

Store Productivity

Profitability hinges on efficiency. Understanding the store from a fulfillment perspective can help retailers quickly maximize operational outputs at low costs.

The Picking Series #2

Product Availability

High product availability drives brand loyalty and sales. Grocers should seize the opportunity offered by e-commerce technology to track and improve availability across all channels.

The Picking Series #3

The Future of Store Picking and the Fulfillment Mix

The grocery landscape is exploding with investment and opportunity. Grocery retailers who keep an eye on coming trends can make informed and confident decisions moving forward.