How Digital is Reshaping the Grocery Workforce

  • Discover how digital innovation is reshaping the grocery workforce and its critical role in enhancing customer experiences.


The grocery industry has undergone a significant transformation in the past four years, marked by a threefold increase in digital sales, which has reshaped the shopping landscape. In 2023, the majority of grocery sales were influenced by digital means, encompassing everything from product discovery to order placement, in-store navigation, and coupon usage. This shift underscores the importance of seamless transitions between online and in-store experiences, highlighting the need for adaptability in the industry.

Frontline associates are at the forefront of this digital shift, recognizing its profound impact on customer loyalty. As the industry grapples with labor challenges and surging order volumes, technology emerges as an indispensable tool to optimize operations, enhance customer experiences, and maintain competitiveness. However, it’s essential to choose and implement technology that aligns with the practical needs of the workforce, bridging the gap between optimism for technology and concerns about job displacement.

Survey Demographics

Grocery Doppio surveyed grocery associates in the US market to understand their viewpoints in regards to how technology is changing the industry and their jobs.

Total Respondents: 703
Grocer Size
National Grocers: 47%
Regional Grocers: 44%
Small Grocers: 9%

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