Sustainability in Grocery: Progress Through Technology

  • Delve into the challenges grocers encounter in utilizing technology for sustainability and uncover the key use-cases where grocers can leverage AI to achieve their eco-friendly objectives.


Grocery shoppers have diverse sustainability concerns, spanning from transparency and health-focused, eco-friendly product choices to endorsing compostable and reusable alternatives. Grocers recognize that enhancing sustainability is a pivotal brand distinguisher and a focal point in their strategic initiatives.

However, many grocers are not harnessing technology effectively to drive sustainability efforts despite their recognition of sustainability’s importance. In this report, we delve into the challenges that grocers encounter in their journey to harness technology for sustainability and explore the key use-cases where grocers can leverage AI to meet their sustainability goals.

Survey Demographics

Grocery Doppio conducted a survey among both grocery shoppers and grocery executives.

The aim was to gain insights into several key areas, including shopper expectations, the current level of maturity among grocers, the utilization of technology and artificial intelligence to achieve their objectives, and their plans for the future regarding sustainability strategy.

Shopper Respondents: 841

Executive Respondents: 173

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