• Grocers are seeing 150-160 items picked per hour using Thryve Fulfillment, compared to 50-60 items using traditional solutions
  • When COVID hit, grocers like United Supermarkets that had ThryveAI in place didn’t have to wait to scale their business

  • ThryveAI adds four new customers in Q3 as grocers race to deploy solutions to accommodate spikes in online grocery shopping and deliver convenient shopper experiences

MIAMI, FLORIDA December 7, 2020 – ThryveAI, an Mi9 Retail brand, providing the next generation of digital commerce for grocers, revealed today that grocers using Thryve Fulfillment, an automated, multi-order picking solution, are picking three times more items per hour (~150-160) than with traditional solutions (~50-60).

“The order volume our grocery partners anticipated to do in five years down the road became their reality overnight in March 2020 due to COVID,” said Neil Moses, CEO of Mi9 Retail/ThryveAI. “In some cases their sales and order volume increased as much as 250%. The grocers with Thryve Fulfillment in place easily scaled to meet the demand and shoppers’ expectations of a seamless, convenient shopping experience.”

United Supermarkets, a Texas-based brand that was acquired by Albertsons in 2013, had Thryve Fulfillment established in 55 stores across Texas pre-COVID.

“Managing the sudden and massive increase in order volume would not have been possible without the scalable ThryveAI software,” said Chris Farr, Director of E-commerce at United Supermarkets.

For grocers who don’t have ThryveAI Fulfillment in place, an easy set up makes it possible to roll out the offering quickly. In fact, a large national grocery retailer recently deployed ThryveAI’s fulfillment capabilities at 250 locations nationwide in as little as three months.

Thryve Fulfillment
High pick rates are achieved by efficient order fulfillment. ThryveAI’s fulfillment solution includes:

  • Picking Path Optimization: Based on data provided by the individual grocery store, the system optimizes each pick path accordingly, ensuring pickers take the most efficient physical path to pick, also taking into account storage temperature.
  • Item-Level Mapping: Pickers use a handheld device to identify the exact location of an item, supplemented with images and directions.
  • Multi-Order Picking: Pickers can fill multiple orders at once to scale fulfillment capacity without increasing costly headcount.
  • Dashboards: Provides real-time visibility into picking performance at the store/sector/employee level to ensure items are picked correctly and efficiently.

In Q3 alone, four new grocers from across the U.S. and overseas joined ThryveAI’s fast-growing roster of customers, including IGA Australia. These new customers will have access to the picking solution, as well as the full ThryveAI platform. The complete ThryveAI platform includes:

  • Thryve Commerce: A complete e-commerce solution for retailers to accept, process orders and manage their digital storefront(s).
  • Thryve Fulfillment: An order orchestration and fulfillment application for grocers to increase efficiency.
  • Thryve Mobile: A full-featured mobile application that makes it easy for shoppers to order groceries for delivery or pick-up.
  • Thryve Search: A search management and merchandising tool that presents AI-powered personalized recommendations to shoppers to enhance their experience and increase basket size.

About ThryveAI
ThryveAI is a brand of Mi9 Retail, a leading provider of enterprise retail and industry-focused digital commerce software. ThryveAI builds on the company’s years of experience providing cutting-edge e-commerce solutions to the world’s largest grocery retailers. ThryveAI software is modular, scalable, and intelligent, enabling retailers to deliver digital storefronts, optimized fulfillment, and personalized shopper experiences to grow their businesses profitably. Our mission is to help our customers fulfill their potential while future-proofing their businesses so they can Thryve in any environment. Visit us online at www.ThryveAI.com.