Superior Search

Effective online search has a direct impact on the customer experience and the bottom line, yet most grocers are constrained by basic search functionality and little control. Wynshop Search surfaces highly relevant search results driven by an intelligent engine at its core, and gives you as little or as much control over your search experience as you desire.

Key Features

Advanced Algorithms

Present relevant search results for every single query with autocorrect, common typo matching, synonyms, compound word support, and much more.


Increase basket size through personalized search results for each customer based on keywords, attributes, preferences, and previous shopping behavior.

Merchant Tools

Influence buying decisions and maximize revenue with self-service merchandising tools to fine-tune search results for specific search queries. Launch campaigns to promote specific brands or products.

Media Monetization

Monetize your top product positions with product listing ads that improve relevance while driving additional CPG revenue.

Intelligent Merchandising

Machine learning optimizes your search results by continuously evaluating which items are performing best based on popularity or profitability, and automatically adjusting search results accordingly.


Improve your search experience with out-of-the-box dashboards and reports that measure search performance at the store level.


Future-Proof Your Business

Wynshop Search is a cloud-native search app that gives business users unrivaled control and flexibility to influence buying decisions and boost online sales. It can be deployed as a standalone application or as a feature of Wynshop Commerce. The Wynshop architecture allows for easy integration with your existing e-commerce solution.


Proven Technology, Proven Results

boost in basket size
increase in conversion rate (add to cart)
increase in sales


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