Wynshop is relentlessly committed to retail technology innovation. We are constantly evolving to provide simple, scalable, and sustainable solutions to our customers’ industry-specific business problems. So maybe the world’s largest retailers do have deep pockets and big technology teams…That’s OK, when you have us. Wynshop exists to create the competitive advantages you need to take them on—and win.

Our History

Wynshop began with deep digital expertise and technological innovation in our bones. We quickly saw that retailers in grocery and other dynamic sectors had a very unique set of challenges. These businesses need to support same-day delivery e-commerce, have high SKU counts, complex shopping journeys and fulfillment obstacles beyond what most other digital commerce solutions can handle. What’s more, these sectors were experiencing rapid growth and fierce market competition from deep-pocketed adversaries like Amazon and Walmart. Clearly there was a need for a solution that would let independent grocers keep up with the big-box retailers and mass merchants in the new omni-channel world.

But despite their unique business challenges—or heck, maybe even because of them—we also saw that these retailers were slow to move online. When they did, they often outsourced to third party providers. While maybe that was OK as a short-term solution, it sure had its drawbacks. Those vendors charge significant picking and delivery fees that cut into already-paper-thin margins. They sometimes charge customers higher prices than in-store. Most importantly, they permanently own the online relationships with shoppers and all the data that comes with it! Would those vendors someday become competitors?

But then—not all heroes wear capes. Wynshop spun off from our established parent company, and sprung on the scene with the goal of applying imagination, expertise, and innovation to help these retailers win. But take note—we don’t want to merely help our clients get in the digital retail game. We want them to be wildly successful, even when competing against much larger players, and so we have developed technology that is a full generation ahead of most other solutions in order to catapult our customers ahead of the biggest retailers, not just help them catch up. Wynshop exists to give back grocers and other local store-based retailers complete control of their brands, pricing, order fulfillment, data, shopper relationships, and every facet of their customers’ digital shopping experience. We exist to provide technological advantages that only the biggest players can afford to develop in-house. We are committed to future-proofing our clients’ businesses by always being one step ahead and by facilitating limitless scalability.

Why Wynshop?

We give you complete control over every facet of the digital shopping experience. We believe success in grocery requires taking ownership of your brand, data, relationship with your customers, and fulfillment operations, rather than outsourcing to a third-party provider. Our flexible platform architecture and partner ecosystem enable you to meet rapidly changing customer demands by supporting quick and cost-effective plug-and-play integration with leading-edge technologies as they emerge.

  • Our refreshingly easy-to-use digital commerce platform powers convenient, personalized, omnichannel shopping experiences that multiply shopper loyalty.
  • Our process automation and optimization technology enables efficient in-house picking, reduces fulfillment costs, and gives retailers control across the customer journey.
  • Our deep retail expertise and passionate commitment to service makes initiating and building digital commerce operations faster and yields better business outcomes than ever before.

Our Values

  • Imagination: Where others see unsolvable problems, we see a better future. We know that creativity, audacity, and hard work lead to exceptional outcomes.

  • Continuous Improvement: We continue working to improve our products, our company, and ourselves, no matter how successful we become.

  • Service: We exist to help our customers become wildly successful businesses and loyal partners. We are committed to providing the solutions and support that each client needs according to their organization, industry sector, and customer base.

  • Personal growth: We view work as a place to grow personally and professionally, and value talent and mindset. We hire, promote, and retain those driven to win, who excel at their jobs, and who share our values.
  • Cooperation: We value a positive, diverse, apolitical, ethical, and inclusive culture where associates care about the happiness and success of colleagues, irrespective of rank or team. We strive to be a spectacular place to work.

  • Results: We are goal orientated and measure ourselves based on quantified results.

Meet the Management Team