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Retailers can deploy sophisticated digital storefronts, personalize their shopper's journey, monetize digital ad space, and optimize in-store picking and fulfillment with Wynshop. With the ability to easily integrate with other industry solutions, Wynshop’s modular, scalable, and intelligent technology makes it the preferred platform for leading grocers.

Our Solutions

Wynshop Commerce

Wynshop Commerce is a complete e-commerce solution. You can now engage shoppers with revenue-boosting recommendations and complex promotions with Wynshop’s easy-to-use content management system!

Digital Storefront  Ι  Mobile  Ι   CMS  Ι  Multi-Site & Multi-Banner  Ι  Search  Ι  Recommendations  Ι  Loyalty  Ι  Media Monetization  Ι  Promotions 

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Wynshop Fulfillment

Profitably manage online order picking and fulfillment with the most scalable, adaptable, and reliable solution. Wynshop Fulfillment is an intuitive tool designed for complete visibility over fulfillment operations.

Mobile Personal Shopper App  Ι  Multi-Zone Picking  Ι  Real-Time Dashboards  Ι  OmniChannel Fulfillment   Ι   Time Slot Management  Ι  Curbside and Delivery

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Solutions Overview ↓

Wynshop Commerce

Delight your online shoppers

Deliver a superior online experience by tailoring the shopper journey. Own your customer data, increase unique and repeat visitors, and maximize average basket size through personalized shopping experiences. Manage your storefront for single-site, multi-site, or multiple banners with Wynshop Commerce.

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Shopper Experience

Engage directly with your customers through a fully branded and customizable digital storefront, while delivering a convenient and consistent online shopping experience on any device.

Offer your customers the convenience of shopping on the go with a full-featured mobile extension of Wynshop Commerce – a unified experience for both the shopper and the grocery retailer.

Boost, bury, and optimize search results to increase basket size with our advanced search features. Easily manage and control search results with self-service tools.

Strengthen your relationship with customers and improve retention by offering an omnichannel loyalty program that can easily integrate into our platform.

Offer a variety of simple and complex promotions to drive an increase in average basket size. Build product bundles, buy-x get-y offers, percentage discounts, and multi-saving conditional promotions.

Easy-to-use templates expedite approval time from the USDA FNS strengthening your relationship with beneficiaries. Provide eligible customers with the option of using this benefit digitally.

Management Tools

Wynshop includes a fully integrated content management system that enables your business users to gain complete control over your site layout, unique brand elements, and mobile customer journey.

Manage multiple digital storefronts, shopping propositions, and/or banners from a single Wynshop administration panel giving you more control and more integrated analytics and insights – all at a lower cost than traditional platforms.

Monetize your top product positions with product listing ads that drive additional CPG revenue and increase profitability.

Customer Testimonial

"A lot has happened in the past two years and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Wynshop team for supporting our business and helping us grow to where we are today. To develop, launch, and scale a new platform during the last year was no easy task.”

Chris Farr, Director of E-commerce

Solutions Overview ↓

Wynshop Fulfillment

Pick and pack orders profitably

Improve your single and multi-order picking efficiency with intelligent automation that guides your personal shoppers through the optimal pick-path in each store. Orchestrate orders for curbside pickup and delivery to continually improve efficiency, reduce wait times, and manage your operational costs.

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Empower your in-store shoppers to pick & pack orders quickly and accurately with our full-featured app that requires minimal training and guides your shopper every step of the way.

Upload your planograms and segment your stores to apply the most effective picking strategies to each section of the store.

Gain real-time visibility into orders, waves, and personal shopper performance. Management dashboard makes it easy to monitor product availability, out-of-stocks, and substitutions.

Choose the channel(s) that work best for you. Our fulfillment solution supports a combination of automated fulfillment such as Micro-Fulfillment Centers (MFC), dark stores, and in-store picking.

Capture a bigger share of the growing trend for curbside pick-up through a seamless scheduling option that will allow your team to increase efficiency and reduce customer waiting time.

Gain access to a full suite of best-of-breed technology partners. Whether you choose to outsource last-mile or keep it in-house, Wynshop supports pre-built and custom integrations.

Customer Testimonial

"The latest platform technology is modern, agile, and performant. The strategy of the organization is well-thought out and should help ensure the long-term viability of the solution."

- Customer with 450+ stores on our Commerce Solution

Technology Overview ↓

Wynshop Technology

Scale your business to new heights with cloud-native technology.

Get the most advanced technology specifically designed for your business and customer needs. The use of modern design and architecture principles makes Wynshop the fastest, most reliable, easy to update, tailored solution for grocery and other consumer staples retailers. Our team is continuously developing innovative features that you can access without any downtime required.

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PLATFORM Architecture

Attain rapid, frequent, and reliable delivery of new features through a set of independently deployable business capabilities enabling a best-of-breed, composable and extensible ecosystem.

Accommodate easy and cost-effective integrations with existing systems. Maximize homegrown and third-party applications such as delivery, loyalty, coupons, and more.

Achieve unmatched speed, scalability, and security by using a cloud-native platform powered by Google.

Learn more about our partnership with Google here.

Offer infinite customer experience possibilities across channels, on any device, and without risking system stability. The front-end user experience is fully decoupled from the back-end.

Incisiv and Wynshop havepartnered to create Grocery Doppio

Online resource to help the grocery industry navigate digital disruptionState of Digital Grocery Performance Card now available for DOWNLOAD

Incisiv and Wynshop have partnered to create Grocery Doppio

Online resource to help the grocery industry navigate digital disruptionState of Digital Grocery Performance Card now available for DOWNLOAD

Partners Overview ↓

Wynshop Partners

Better together.

Wynshop partners with industry-leading technology and solution companies to deliver a complete digital commerce experience for your customers and associates.

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Wynshop is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace

Learn more about our partnership with Google here.

As a retailer, if you’re working with a solution or technology partner that is not already on our list, please contact us and we will be happy to engage with them.

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